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Lambertville Holiday Tree Lighting November 27th! Polar Express

Saturday, November 27


(Corner of Bridge and Union St., Lambertville, NJ)

Santa will arrive at the City Square to join good children young and old for Lambertville's annual The Christmas Tree lighting! Following the tree lighting, children and their families are invited to the ACME Screening Room to meet Santa and celebrate. Lambertville's Downtown Performing Arts Center Glee Club Choir will perform Holiday Classics.



This magical holiday film tells of a young boy who still wants to believe in Santa even though his friends have "grown out of it." His faith is rewarded when a magical steam train pulls up to his house and escorts him to the North Pole to meet Santa. Rated G; 99 minutes; 2004

 Watch Trailer


Special Thanks to the City of Lambertville & the Tree Lighting Commission for making this event possible.

Chimney Hill Estate Inn Holiday Special $99.00


Holiday Special Bring A Friend Campaign for $99.00!

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Starting Friday, November 26th and ending December 30th

Your holidays are right around the corner and soon you will be caught up in the hustle and bustle of what to buy your friends for the festive season.

Why not give the "Gift of Time Together" this season? 

No need to worry about size, color or when you need to get to the post office to mail the present. 

Instead, pick a date between November 26th and December 30 (does not apply to weekends) and invite your friends to come join you in for a Holiday stay at Chimney Hill Estate Inn.

It is a beautiful place to be around the holidays close to unique shopping in Lahaska, Flemington, New Hope and Lambertville.  

We will book a lovely room in our upscale historic home or the barn suite of your choice at our regular price for your friend and a room for you in the estate home for just $99.00. 

Begin your holiday with a tradition of joy filled with priceless memories because it truly is “the most wonderful time of the year!”

**This promotion may not be combined with any other offer, promotion, or gift certificate.

Halloween in Lambertville New Jersey - Old Lambertville High School


Spooks and Goblins are all around! Don't be afraid!!!   "Only Come at Night"

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Lambertville High School nearby Chimney Hill Estate Inn.

The Old Lambertville High School- There will be a documentary made called “Only Come at Night”-  the Police are less than happy about visitors so please keep this in mind.

Lambertville High School was constructed in 1854. The dates tend to vary but somewhere around 1925 to 1926, a terrible fire broke out in the school. The fired destroyed most of the school and it is rumored that one hundred and fifty students died in the fire. The school was later remodeled around 1927. Almost as if cursed, another fire broke out in the rebuilt school. The dates of this second fire vary widely, being reported a few years after the renovations up until the 1950's. This second fire ravaged the third floor of the school and it was subsequently closed down in the 1950's. Lambertville High School still stands at the top of the largest hill in the town, a hallmark to the tragedy that has followed the school. The facts are that the school has caught fire and burned down twice and many urban legends have surfaced about what really goes on there at night. It has become a favorite place for teenagers to trespass and explore. The town does not support visitors to the school and the police supposedly patrol it to prevent teenagers from trespassing. It is a very dangerous place to visit, because of the fires that have ravaged the flooring, leaving it unstable and very easy to fall through.  The most popular urban legend surrounding Lambertville High School is that of the "Buckeye" or "Buckeye Billy." The story varies slightly as with most legends, but the story goes as this. The New Hope Buckeyes were playing a football game against Lambertville's team. During what was said to be an intense game, one of the Buckeyes was tackled. As the Lambertville players started to pile of off him, it became apparent that the player was not moving. The boy was dead with his neck broken. Some reports say that it was turned almost completely around. This horrific accident led to the parents of New Hope voting to eliminate football from their schools, citing that it was too dangerous. To this day, New Hope still does not have a football team.

These were the events that led to the biggest urban legend of Lambertville High School. The first of two legends is that you stand on the landing between the first and second floors. While standing there, you say "I challenge Buckeye (Billy) to a football game." Supposedly, after you speak this phrase, a football flies out of nowhere at your head and breaks your neck. The other legend says that you have to stand on the football field and say "Buckeye, I challenge you to a race." It is said that after this a mist appears, the wind starts to blow, and at the other end of the field glowing red eyes suddenly appear. Following this, a voice says "Run to the end of the field or die." Supposedly, if the person who challenges Buckeye to the race does not run it, they will die.

The school also supposedly has a lot of other paranormal activity such as footsteps, school bells still ringing, children screaming, and the most popular, chalkboard drawings. It is said that images of children appear engraved on the chalkboards mainly on the first floor. Some of the children are smiling while others appear to be screaming in pain. Some report the images depict a class in session. It is rumored that the images were permanently drawn onto the chalkboard with no ghost or graffiti artist taking credit.

“Only Go There at Night” , a documentary we will be showing at Chimney Hill Estate Inn on October 30th, centers on a group of friends from Sayreville who set out to investigate the haunting at Lambertville High School much as Mr. Swan did that long ago night when he discovered the eerie children’s likenesses on the second floor.








New Hope Haunted Halloween Trains! Rocky Horror, Corn Maze!



sk666  skull resized 600


Take a ride on the dark side onboard the Haunted Halloween Train. Do you trust yourself to be at the mercy of your own nightmares? When this ghost train leaves the safety of the station, you are tossed into the hands of the unknown. 

Available on Friday and Saturday nights  7Pm and 8PM  $26.00/ticket - New Hope Ivyland Railroad.


skull7777 haloween resized 600Rocky Horror Picture Show  

Back by popular demand at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope

8PM & 11:55PM Showings

Halloween   Tree and pumpkins resized 600

  • Shadybrook Farms:  Friday & Saturday nights during October.  They have 4 attractions– Barn of Horror, Hayride of Horror, Deadtime Stories Corm Maze & a 3D attraction called Alien Encounter.  You can purchase tickets online to avoid the longs lines in person.  Any one attraction is $15, any two is $25, any three is $30 and all four is #35.  Shady Brook Farm | 931 Stony Hill Road | Yardley | 215-968-1670.

Pickett House

The spirit of New Hope artist and printer Joseph Pickett reputedly haunts the Pickett House on Mechanic Street, particularly his bedroom, as well as the neighboring house of his cousin. He's also been seen strolling down the towpath of the nearby Delaware Canal. New Hope Odette's Restaurant, now closed, was said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman murdered there in the 18th century when it was known as the River House. The tragic 1983 death of newswoman Jessica Savitch, who died when the car she was in went over the edge of the towpath into the canal, also haunts Odette's.


Ghost Sightings in New Hope



describe the image            

New Hope boasts a number of allegedly haunted sites, the most famous of which is the Logan inn.  The bodies of numerous dead soldiers were said to have been stored at the Logan inn during the Revolutionary War.  Its is said that those soldiers still inhabit the building, and are frequently spotted, still in uniform, by the inn’s employees and guests.  It is also believed that the ghost of Aaron Burr, who visited the Inn shortly after his duel with Alexander Hamilton, can sometimes be seen at the Logan Inn.

Also in New Hope, the Wedgewood Inn is said to be haunted by the ghost of a 12 year old slave girl named Sarah, who stayed at the inn during her escape to the north in the 19th century via the Underground Railroad.  Over the years, Sarah’s ghost has appeared to at least three 12 year old girls who stayed at the inn at different times.  Sarah’s ghost allegedly told the girls her story of slavery, escape and hiding.  The young witnesses’ individual accounts of Sarah’s story have been nearly identical.

The Van Sant Bridge has a history to it. Supposedly, a young woman without a husband but with child was thrown out of her house by her parents. The father of the baby abandoned her, and she became severely depressed. She decided to throw herself off the Van Sant Bridge, with her baby in her arms. The legend says that to this day, when you stand on the bridge, you can hear the baby crying. Horse thieves also used to be hanged from this bridge, and people can often still see one of them hanging there





Alpaca Gift Store - Grand Opening at Chimney Hill Estate


We are very excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of the Chimney Hill Estate Inn ALPACA STORE & GIFT SHOP!

The gift store is located right at the Estate house. Just around back of the entrance driveway is the store entrance.

We are stocked for the holidays with wonderful alpaca hats, colorful alpaca gloves and cozy alpaca scarfs and so much more!!Alpaca Gift Shop resized 600







                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Another exciting piece of news is we are offering a bag of Alpaca Feed for $1.00! You can now enjoy feeding our sweet alpacas all season long.

Ask our Innstaff for assistance and they will give you some simple instructions on how to feed an alpaca.

Alpaca Feed Bags

You are going to make alpaca friendships that will last a life time!

Alpaca Gift Store

Looking for alpaca apparel or yarn?  Our farm store offers the best selection of fine alpaca clothing and accessories in Central New Jersey.  We have alpaca fleece for spinning and yarn for knitting.

Our goal is to offer beautiful 100% Alpaca products. Many items will be produced from our own alpaca farm. We hope you will come by for a visit soon. Look for our on line Alpaca Store coming soon!

Unionville VIneyards - October Weekends at Chimney Hill Estate Inn


Are you looking for something fun with food/ music/ wine and fall festivities?? Well this weekend come out and be prepared for a fun filled fall adventure!

Harvest Festival resized 600

Unionville Vineyards' 13th Annual
Wine Harvest Festival 2010
Saturday, October 16
with a raindate of Sunday, October 17
12 Noon to 5 PM

Festival Activities Planned:
Wine Tasting, Winery Tours, Pumpkin Painting, Cheese Tasting, Hay Rides
The Hot Taters Live Jazz, Swing & Blues Band
Grape Stomping "a la Lucy", Vineyard Tours, Great   Food
and Non-alcoholic Beverages, Hot Mulled Wine and Cider,
Pony Rides, Craft Vendors, Local Product Artisans and Local Artists
Don't Forget to Bring Along Your Folding Chairs and Picnic Blankets

Admission is $10 for Ages 21+ (includes Wine Glass and 8 Wine Tastings)
$5 for Ages 12 to 20
Under Age 12 Free


Enjoy an afternoon of Complimentary Music and an Art Exhibit with

12:00 to 5:00 PM
Bring along a picnic lunch and enjoy an afternoon of fine wine and great music in a beautiful historic setting.
Based out of Central NJ, Jellyroll is a four piece band of seasoned musicians playing an eclectic mix of audience favorites while exploring diverse influences from rock, jazz, reggae, and country.


Stockton artist Mike Mann will be presenting a collection of his colorful watercolor and acrylic paintings at Unionville Vineyards from noon to 5 pm.

Mann considers his work to be "realistic impressionism" and he always strives to portray the colorful joy of life.  Most of this collection are of scenes of Hunterdon and Bucks counties, but several of his Argentina paintings will be included as well.  The artist states "that my real goal is to capture as much of the world as I can; never limiting myself to any particular subject matter.  Michael Mann can be reached at 609-439-9978 for more information about his work and art exhibit.

Sunday, October 24, 2010
 Welcome to "Sir Beatle" A Beatles Sing Along Show
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Admission is $5.00 per person (admission is Cash only and is paid directly to the shows agent)

The "Sir Beatle" Show is a one man sing along tribute to The Beatles performed in full costume. The show features live vocals and live bass guitar along with  state of the art drum and guitar tracks to recreate the sounds of a live Beatles performance. Its a fun filled performance and works well in any application. The show features songs from all eras of The Beatles career from their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, to The Beatles final live performance in 1969.

Pack your picnic basket and bring along your cheese and crackers.  Enjoy a glass of wine during this fun music performance.


Chimney Hill Estate Inn- Free Wings and Things for Sunday Football!



Chimney Hill Estate Inn
Chimney Hill Estate Inn
FREE Wings and Things for this Sunday Football
September 26 ONLY
Limited tickets ACT NOW

If football should not be your cup of tea, I will be more than happy to plan another event for you during the game!!


What Could Be Better?????
Football in the Fall....but wait...............!!!!
Add FREE beer, wings and party food and now
you have a GREAT Party.
Come Join us on Sunday!! Stay with us Sunday September
26th night and get two (2) FREE tickets of admission to our
Football Party.
Game One
NY Giants Vs. Tennessee Titans
1:00 kickoff
Game Two
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tennessee Titans
4:05 kickoff
Book Now
Reserve a room and Free tickets
Please contact the DEB if you should have any questions
regarding this wonderful event!!
We are looking forward to see you all here
and enjoying Sunday football in our beautiful
Carriage House.
Warm Regards,
Deb Marut
Director of Dreams
Chimney Hill Estate Inn





Chimney Hill of Lambertville Raises Over $5,000 to Save ACME Screening Room

Farm-to-Table Dinner & Vacation Auction  ACME logo
Chimney Hill Estate

Sunday, September 19, 2010
4 pm - 7:30 pm
Chimney Hill Inn Raises Over $5,000 to Save ACME Screening Room

Sunday, September 19, 2010, Rich and Terry Anderson of Chimney Hill Inn, Lambertville, New Jersey raised over five thousand dollars for ACME Screening Room film series by hosting a farm-to-table dinner and live auction at the Inn. The Inn’s proprietors stepped-in to help last summer, when the Friends of the Library lost an annual grant for the ACME film series from the Library, its former co-presenter of the program. The grant loss threatened the future of the program.

“We are incredibly honored by the Anderson’s generosity” says Sara Scully, ACME Screening Room’s Program Producer. “The fact that this event generated slightly more than the amount of our funding loss will enable us to continue the program this winter.”

The BYOB dinner was held from 4 pm – 7:30 pm at Chimney Hill Estate and featured an hour of wine and live music by Jeff and Laurie Faden, in the garden, followed by a free-range, local roast beef dinner in the Carriage House, prepared by Chef Chris Georgett. Dinner was capped off by a sumptuous chocolate desert buffet provided by The Chocolate Box and live auction conducted by Chris Wise, Rago Auction.

The majority of the funds were raised by the sale of two vacation packages donated by the Andersons and sold during the live auction. The packages were five-night stays at the Anderson’s properties: Vacation Estate, Lake Tahoe, Nevada [] and Barefoot Landing Marina Condo, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina []. Other wonderful items for relaxation and indulgence were also auctioned from brunch for four at Hamilton’s Grill Room, a pearl pendant necklace by Jane Wesby of River Queen Artisans, a spa package from Zanya Spa Salon, and many other wonderful items.

Chimney Hill Inn has been the sole lodging sponsor of ACME Screening Room’s meet-the-director events since 2008, sponsoring the lodging for many of the high-profile speakers who have been featured in the program: Oscar Winning Director, Alex Gibney, Emmy winning writer, Harriet Mantel, Director, Merle Becker, to name a few. The Inn’s support has enabled the film program to grow and contribute to Lambertville’s slate of cultural offerings that draw tourists and residents alike.

More information on Chef Georgett can be found at

The ACME Screening Room is a project of Friends of Lambertville Library and has presented a weekly film series since April 2008. Special thanks to Mayor DelVecchio and the City of Lambertville for providing the cinema space for this program and the Lambertville Library for their support of this program.

Film schedule information can be found at ACME Screening Room is also on Facebook at <> .

Special Thanks to Chimney Hill Estate for sponsoring this event and to The Chococlate Box for desert and to City Market, Gravity Hill Farm and Milk House Farm for donating dinner ingredients.
See More

Farm To Table Dinner and Vacation Auction September 19th!!



YOU ARE INVITED! Farm-to-Table Dinner & Vacation this weekend on Sunday September 19th 4pm-7:30pm.

Chimney Hill Estate Inn Lambertville New Jersey 56236

Please purchase tickets to this event to ensure the Acme Film Series will continue this Winter.

Chimney hill Estate has donated vacation package Getaways at our properties : Vacation Estate "Life on Top- Heavenly Retreat, Lake Tahoe, Nevada and Barefoot landing Marina Condo, Myrtle Beach, south Carolina, to raise funds for Acme Screening Room. Other wonderful items will also be auctioned. Come bid on one of these and insure your upcoming year includes a few pleasures.


Dinner will be prepared by Chef Chris Georgette using seasonal ingredients donated by local farms, and will include entrée and dessert provided by The Chocolate Box of Lambertville. BYOB. Auction will be held after dinner!

Tickets are $45.00 at door and limited.

Please come out for an exceptional evening with friends for a delicious organic dinner with proceedsthat will surely benefit uor future film series!

Thank You,

Terry and Rich

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