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Oh Caliente! Your are the fuzziest alpaca we have ever seen!


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Meet Nathan and Justin!

They are two busy guy's at this time of the year shearing alpacas from sun up to sun down. Nathan company Shear Perfection Farm has a commitment to helping us small breeders with the task that is fun, fast and can make an alpaca furious! Our fuzzy friends remind me of my brothers when they were young and had to get the buzz cut for summer.They resist the cut- but soon afterwards they are prancing and rolling in the grass enjoying the cool feel to their newly sheared bodies.

We sheared 15 animals this year and will now prepare the alpaca fleece for the mill. The mill will clean and spin this fleece into knitting yarns which will end up in our Alpaca Store and eventually into the hands of those anxoius knitters who just wait all year to get this soft beautiful one of a knid fiber for their knitting projects.

I am not the end user of this alpaca fiber product, but i certainly am proud to see the results of our breeding and caring for such beautiful animals. They are a true gift from the heavens and we here at Chimney Hill Estate's are very blessed to have them as our friends to share this lovely property and enjoy each others company.

See you all soon,


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