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Lambertville Artists Visions Film Festival July 22-25th!


We are very excited to participate in the Artists Visions Film Festival this weekend! Sara Scully - Program Producer of the Acme Screen Room in Lambertville is an amazing lady who has inspired many of us to take a look at what we are missing by not opening our minds and communities to the array of new films and their producers.


Chimney hill Estate will offer a Tour featuring Margaret Spencer Estate home - in addition after the tour we invite you to a wonderful Jazz session with Carol Heffner , along with some delicious wine and cheese tasting in our Estate Carriage House!

The Tour and Wine -Cheese tasing are free- we ask only for a small donation for the Acme Screen Room project.

Please come out for a visit! We would love to entertain you all!

Terry and Rich


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ARTIST VISIONS FILM FESTIVAL will celebrate the creative visions of filmmakers from Hunterdon-Bucks County and beyond by featuring outdoor film screenings and live music on the river in the Lambertville Station parking lot (rain location: ACME Screening Room), a video installation in the center of town on the Wachovia Bank building, a local student film festival at the ACME Screening Room, a “Visual-Treasure Hunt” in town and City-wide events at galleries and shops.  The Festival will also feature a nightclub style party on Saturday, July 24th, at the Rago Arts building, with the Lambertville-based band Jac: a six-piece Latin-European inspired indy-rock/folk ensemble.

OUTDOOR FILMS & LIVE MUSIC:  Outdoor films will be screened at sundown in the beautiful riverside parking lot at the Inn at Lambertville Station, Thursday night and Saturday night.  The Saturday night outdoor show will be a family night starting with a performance of The Bugs of Blackwood,by Piccirillo Sciencetelling ( and a screening of the critically acclaimed animated film, The Iron Giant.  Friday night of the festival in the riverside parking lot the band Chris Harford and the Band of Changes accompanied by members from the band WEEN will play before and during the fireworks over the Delaware River.  Sunday night the High Hearts band will play in the riverside parking lot .  In case of rain, outdoor films and live music will be presented indoors at the ACME Screening Room.  

Come Join us for a fun and informative weekend of film!


visit the Film Festival website for the schedule of events and ticket information ;

Chimney Hill Perviuan Alpacas


It's true! We love our Alpacas and Llamas!

I knew  when we first moved into Chimney Hill Estate that one day.....someday, I would become a farmer. It was there, in the air and the beauty of this estate were the number of farm buildings still waiting for the life to return.

Alpacas and llamas just really appeared to be my niche.

I just fell in love with these fuzzy animals from the moment I saw their faces. So with some conversation and determination I approached Rich and he agreed that an Alpaca Llama Breeding Farm in New Jersey on the Delaware River would be a perfect addition to our farm and lifestyle conc3 Amigos!epts.









Alpacas and Llamas are great partners. They are cousins and our Llamas.

Pazlie and Dolly were raised with Alpacas, so they really think they are Alpacas too! They help and baby sit and protect. What a wonderful combination of energies!Coco  and Dolly Llama greet the newborn cria!






This is a great photo of Dolly Llama beign watchful over Coco and her new born cria. They are just great friends and will try to help care for the others crais when Mom is busy foaring. To see how they enjoy life at the farm is fun. Our guests just love to meet them and watch them play together!

Fireworks in Lambertville and New Hope- Bring on the FUN!



I remember when I was just a tot how the summer holidays were so very exciting - Fireworks - Sparklers - Cracker Balls! Such fun after the sun would go down! You and your best summer friends watching the bright colors in the sky! It felt like summer would go on forever.

Well this summer, get ready to come out for a fun Friday night filled with fireworks and late night activities on the river! It is delightful to watch folks gather on the Lambertville-New Hope Bridge and see their eyes filled with delight as the count down begins and the first fire flares launch up into the night sky bursting into colors. The crowds clap and scream with childish delight, young and not so young alike!

After the firework display is finished everyone heads for an ice cream/ Starbucks or a late night drink at a local out door pub to finish the night talking and enjoying the summer delight of staying connected with friends and neighbors.

This weekend we spend Friday with our friends watching the Fire works on the bridge! the crowd was bigger than usual and eveyone found some place to park and somewhere to view the display. All went perfect and the crowds were delighted.

Make a plan to visit us during the summer and take a trip our on Friday night to see the wonder of fireworks and how they make you feel so young again! You won't be disappointed. 

FRIDAY NIGHT FIREWORKS displays over the wonderful !

Chimney Hill Estate Inn Coco has New Alpaca Baby Boy!


Everyone has been waiting for the News! Coco has had her baby alpaca (Cria) and it's a BOY!

Coco and New Baby!

 What a beautiful little alpaca! Well, now we need a name. And we always ask our guests to send us suggestions!

This little guy is very bright and cute. He jumps and runs super fast, loves his mom , Coco and is very curious.

 Coco Baby Boy

 I hope you all come out for a visit and see him before he grows up. Baby alpacas are adorable and very lively. They can get the whole herd in an uprise with their jumping playful ways.

 baby alpaca

This new born Alpaca will stay with mom Coco for around 1 year. I let the mom decide when is best to wean. The cria usually does better and is less stressed that way.

Once he is weaned we will move him into a juniors herd sires pen where hes will learn how to wrestle and get along with others his are and size.

After about a year we will consider placing him into the Males Pen where he will definitely have to be able to take care of himself!

But for now he will frollic and play joyfully as a tot :)

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