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Falling in Love with Chimney Hill - How We Met


Rich and I were in a completely different lifestyle when we discovered that Bed & Breakfasts existed. Every time we went to a new B&B we found an inspiration and feeling of renewal.  Not really sure what this chemistry was about, we started playing a few interesting soul searching exercises; just really trying to find out what was starting to bubble up inside us about these heartfelt experiences.

Both Rich and I had worked hard in our professions. I had held untraditional positions; Merchant Marine sailing abroad Exxon Oil Tankers US Fleet and then had just completing 12 year career as a PetroChemical Firefighter in the Largest East Coast Exxon Refinery ( tough job). Emergency Response Training Inc. was mTerry and Rich Andersony first business started in 1990. ERT Inc. was the first woman owned fire emergency business in NJ, possibly in the entire US.

Rich , a Crisis Manager for Merck & Co.traveled internationally. He had an amazing career and loved his work with a passion. We are both passionate personalities. I found that to be a good trait for owning -operating your own business. You need to get up every day , pack your own lunch and plan to climb the mountain, rain or shine,  if you want to succeed.

We are both self motivated people. But I can cook and multi task better hahaha!

Rich and I had many experiences with travel abroad. But always enjoyed the privacy, intimacy and unique characteristics of the smaller, unique properties we visited.

Our hearts were leading us and we began to question that maybe a "lifestyle business" could offer the changes and possibilities we were searching for.

One evening we took a trip to the Bucks County Playhouse. While watching a wonderful production, it was during our intermission that we discovered in the playbill a Bed and Breakfast course offering and a suggested book on owning and operating a Bed and Breakfast. After a few wines we started to talk B&B and the why's we should do this. PS: I read the Bed and Breakfast book and did not believe a word of the requirements - guess I was on auto Idiot :-/

Rich has always had the attitude the "we had better mess up our own lives rather than to wait for some one else to do it for us"! Or the famous Blues Brother's " we are on a mission from God"! Laugh, but we felt there is no better mission than to offer a place so special that one can recover their love and passion for each other and life itself.

After touring the Hunterdon County countryside, there on an October evening in the sunset we arrived at Chimney Hill Farm. What a miraculous moment! The home glowed in the colorful rays, the feeling was true love at first sight. We just stopped in for a brief "hello" and left thinking we had fell in love and now what will we do?