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Chimney Hill Perviuan Alpacas


It's true! We love our Alpacas and Llamas!

I knew  when we first moved into Chimney Hill Estate that one day.....someday, I would become a farmer. It was there, in the air and the beauty of this estate were the number of farm buildings still waiting for the life to return.

Alpacas and llamas just really appeared to be my niche.

I just fell in love with these fuzzy animals from the moment I saw their faces. So with some conversation and determination I approached Rich and he agreed that an Alpaca Llama Breeding Farm in New Jersey on the Delaware River would be a perfect addition to our farm and lifestyle conc3 Amigos!epts.









Alpacas and Llamas are great partners. They are cousins and our Llamas.

Pazlie and Dolly were raised with Alpacas, so they really think they are Alpacas too! They help and baby sit and protect. What a wonderful combination of energies!Coco  and Dolly Llama greet the newborn cria!






This is a great photo of Dolly Llama beign watchful over Coco and her new born cria. They are just great friends and will try to help care for the others crais when Mom is busy foaring. To see how they enjoy life at the farm is fun. Our guests just love to meet them and watch them play together!