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Chimney Hill Estate Inn Coco has New Alpaca Baby Boy!


Everyone has been waiting for the News! Coco has had her baby alpaca (Cria) and it's a BOY!

Coco and New Baby!

 What a beautiful little alpaca! Well, now we need a name. And we always ask our guests to send us suggestions!

This little guy is very bright and cute. He jumps and runs super fast, loves his mom , Coco and is very curious.

 Coco Baby Boy

 I hope you all come out for a visit and see him before he grows up. Baby alpacas are adorable and very lively. They can get the whole herd in an uprise with their jumping playful ways.

 baby alpaca

This new born Alpaca will stay with mom Coco for around 1 year. I let the mom decide when is best to wean. The cria usually does better and is less stressed that way.

Once he is weaned we will move him into a juniors herd sires pen where hes will learn how to wrestle and get along with others his are and size.

After about a year we will consider placing him into the Males Pen where he will definitely have to be able to take care of himself!

But for now he will frollic and play joyfully as a tot :)