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Chimney Hill Green House - Rejuevenation!!


Sometimes, when you wish upon a star actually meet one :)

Meet Deb!

Deb photo resized 600

You cant miss this lady's dynamic smile and fun personality! Deb loves farming and lives just a stone throw from Chimney Hill Estate Inn. The stars aligned, we collide and a whole new universe at Chimney Hill Estate was created.

"Passion" is Deb's middle name! She is up early and digs into her work, growing delicious veggies and amazing flowers. The bounty is so large at Deb's home farm that she goes about the local town and donates for those who will delight in eating those fresh garden yummies, but cannot afford to buy them. Her tomato sauce is amazing!

Deb's Tomato's


We are so lucky that Deb has joined us at Chimney Hill Estate to rejuvenate our lovely green house with beautiful flowers and herbs! We will use all our herbs for our delicious breakfasts too!