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Halloween in Lambertville New Jersey - Old Lambertville High School


Spooks and Goblins are all around! Don't be afraid!!!   "Only Come at Night"

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Lambertville High School nearby Chimney Hill Estate Inn.

The Old Lambertville High School- There will be a documentary made called “Only Come at Night”-  the Police are less than happy about visitors so please keep this in mind.

Lambertville High School was constructed in 1854. The dates tend to vary but somewhere around 1925 to 1926, a terrible fire broke out in the school. The fired destroyed most of the school and it is rumored that one hundred and fifty students died in the fire. The school was later remodeled around 1927. Almost as if cursed, another fire broke out in the rebuilt school. The dates of this second fire vary widely, being reported a few years after the renovations up until the 1950's. This second fire ravaged the third floor of the school and it was subsequently closed down in the 1950's. Lambertville High School still stands at the top of the largest hill in the town, a hallmark to the tragedy that has followed the school. The facts are that the school has caught fire and burned down twice and many urban legends have surfaced about what really goes on there at night. It has become a favorite place for teenagers to trespass and explore. The town does not support visitors to the school and the police supposedly patrol it to prevent teenagers from trespassing. It is a very dangerous place to visit, because of the fires that have ravaged the flooring, leaving it unstable and very easy to fall through.  The most popular urban legend surrounding Lambertville High School is that of the "Buckeye" or "Buckeye Billy." The story varies slightly as with most legends, but the story goes as this. The New Hope Buckeyes were playing a football game against Lambertville's team. During what was said to be an intense game, one of the Buckeyes was tackled. As the Lambertville players started to pile of off him, it became apparent that the player was not moving. The boy was dead with his neck broken. Some reports say that it was turned almost completely around. This horrific accident led to the parents of New Hope voting to eliminate football from their schools, citing that it was too dangerous. To this day, New Hope still does not have a football team.

These were the events that led to the biggest urban legend of Lambertville High School. The first of two legends is that you stand on the landing between the first and second floors. While standing there, you say "I challenge Buckeye (Billy) to a football game." Supposedly, after you speak this phrase, a football flies out of nowhere at your head and breaks your neck. The other legend says that you have to stand on the football field and say "Buckeye, I challenge you to a race." It is said that after this a mist appears, the wind starts to blow, and at the other end of the field glowing red eyes suddenly appear. Following this, a voice says "Run to the end of the field or die." Supposedly, if the person who challenges Buckeye to the race does not run it, they will die.

The school also supposedly has a lot of other paranormal activity such as footsteps, school bells still ringing, children screaming, and the most popular, chalkboard drawings. It is said that images of children appear engraved on the chalkboards mainly on the first floor. Some of the children are smiling while others appear to be screaming in pain. Some report the images depict a class in session. It is rumored that the images were permanently drawn onto the chalkboard with no ghost or graffiti artist taking credit.

“Only Go There at Night” , a documentary we will be showing at Chimney Hill Estate Inn on October 30th, centers on a group of friends from Sayreville who set out to investigate the haunting at Lambertville High School much as Mr. Swan did that long ago night when he discovered the eerie children’s likenesses on the second floor.