So you think it has been a cold winter! Yes, we would agree.

Meet our newest baby boy alpaca!

Born in the snow on January 30th!

We found him siting in snow neck deep! Quiet as a lamb.

Mom Carin and Brother Diego were standing at the barn door crying trying to get our attention when we were out in the barn feeding the herd.

Eric and I looked outside and saw this cute and tiny new cria just sitting in a pile of snow!

I quickly grabbed the cria, Eric ran and prepare some towels and we began to dry him off and get him warm.

Terry and Snow Days of 2011 photo 


So what will we name this little snowman?

He is very sweet and loving. Mom Carin is doing just great too!

The biggest concern is the freezing cold weather that we have been experiencing.

We have taken extra measures in the barn birthing pen to secure more heat and keep baby and mom comfortable.

I hope you will come soon for a visit to meet him!


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