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Farmer's Market, Museums and Auctions

Do you love searching for hidden treasures and bargains at flea markets, antique shops, outlet stores and country auctions? Then come spend your New Jersey vacation or weekend getaway at Chimney Hill Estate and Ol’ Barn Inn in Lambertville , New Jersey near Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our area is a treasure hunter’s dream come true!

On Tuesday and Saturday mornings all the local people are raring to get out and go to Rice's market.
Here over 500 vendors are selling anything and everything from homemade jams and breads from the Amish ladies to chatckas from Taiwan, landscaping products, plants, flowers, clothing, books, games, shoes, jewelry, and baskets. You need it; someone will be selling it at Rice's. Opening at 7:00am and packing up by 12 noon, these vendors are here to sell. Bartering is the norm, especially the nearer it is to packing up again. Don't miss this market. Do wear comfortable shoes, as this is dirt you will be walking on. Bring plenty of small bills for paying as the one Mac machine has too far of a line. Bring a shopping bag that is comfortable for you to carry and holds a lot.

To get there: Make a right out of our driveway onto Goat Hill Road, which changes it's name to Studdiford Street.

Make a left at the stop sign onto Swan Street. Make a right at the stop sign onto Franklin Street. Make a left at the light onto Bridge Street (aka Route 179 South). Cross the river into New Hope, follow Route 179 South to the intersection of Route 179 South And Route 202. Make a left turn onto Route 202 South. Travel 3-4 miles; make a right turn onto Aquetong Road. Make a right to second stop sign and turn right onto Greenhill Road.

Making a left out of Rice's Parking, travel to Route 263 and make a right hand turn. Route 263 runs right thru Peddler's Village, a beautifully landscaped and unique shopping area full of charming specialty shops. Many a happy hour of shopping has been spent here. Peddler's Village is situated on land between Route 263 and Route 202. 

Across the street from Peddler's Village is Penn's Purchase Factory Outlet Stores.

Continue on Route 263 South, it will join with Route 202 South. Continue on Route 202 South into Doylestown; do not take the 202 Bypass. Bear left onto East Ashland Avenue. Make a left onto Pine Street. Here is the James Mitchner Museum on your left and the Mercer Museum on your right. You may purchase a combination ticket to some of the museums or individually. Do allow plenty of time to enjoy these wonderful spots.

Also in Doylestown, which happens to be the county seat, are two more museums: the Fonthill Museum and the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works. Doylestown also has a center of town with lots of shops and restaurants.

Return to Route 202 North after your time in Doylestown. Make a right onto Rout 413 South. Just past the intersection of Routes 263 and 413 on the left is Brown Brother's Auction House. Look up in the town papers first to see what will be auctioned and the times. Usually every Saturday and Thursday there is something going on. Continue down Route 413 South to Buckingham Winery. Here there are tasting and vineyard tours.

Continue South On Route 413, make a left onto Route 232 South, which is also known as Windy Bush Road. Make a right onto Aquetong Road. You will pass the Nakashima Studio on your right as you head to River Road. If you care to stop and see a covered bridge, as you head down Aquetong Road there will be a very sharp right onto Covered bridge Road, travel a mile or two to the covered bridge and then turn back and travel to River Road also known as Route 32. Make a right onto Route 32 South.

Here is the beginning of Washington's Crossing Park. On your right is the restful Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve.

There are exhibits and guided tours here. Continuing down Route 32 South you may care to go up in Bowman's Tower and see the view, or continue down to Washington's Crossing Historic park, where you may view a movie and see exhibits about our first president.

Make a left at Route 532 and cross the Delaware River. Make a left at the light onto Route 29 North. Look for the Howell Living Farm sign. Make a right onto Valley Road; Howell living Farm is on your right. To go back home to the Inn: turn left at the first street on your left; it will be Goat Hill Road. Travel 1 ½ miles, we are on the right hand side #207.

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