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Chimney Hills Farms Alpacas


    Ms. Coco with new Cria - Ms. Dolli Llama is inspecting and saying "hello".

The rare Alpaca is a charming and valuable member of the Camelid family. Alpacas are prized for their luxurious and costly fiber, which breeders harvest by shearing once a year. An alpaca sweater or blanket is a cherished possession, frequently handed down from one generation to the next. Alpaca gestation period is 11 months. The baby is called a cria. Alpacas are a herd animal and a relative to the Andes Mountains of South America. Alpacas are very gentle, clean animals and make wonderful pets.

You can experience a bit of Alpaca farming firsthand with Chimney Hill Estate’s Alpaca Getaway Package – perfect for a unique birthday gift or a great introduction for anyone who is considering getting pet alpacas.

Chimney Hill Estates Alpacas

Boys, Boys, Boys!


                                                               The Three Amigos                               
  Our Alpaca family consists of mothers and babies and companion and a protective llama (Paisley and Dolly) who stands guard over the herd. The alpacas are a beige color standing about 5 feet tall or so with sweet but shy dispositions. Paisley the Llama stands about 6 1/2 feet tall and is bi-colored a deep brown and beige. She is very curious and always on the outlook for an intruder. Beware squirrels, geese and groundhogs: Paisley is on the job.


  Ms Dolli and Ms Pazlie Llama - Guard Llamas taking care of their alpaca herd.

Hernando with Mom Beatrix
Enjoy a wonderful experience by meeting one of our alpacas or llamas. You will be amazed and enjoy their courious nature and sweet faces!

Chimney Hill is registered as a Natural Habitat with the National Federation of Wild Life.

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Chimney Hill Alpaca talk!

We just finished our 2012 sheering of our fuzzy friends !

This means time to send the fleece out for cleaning and processing into yarns for our Alpaca Knitting Fans!

Thanks Terry                                

                                                   Sheering Master Nate!Sheering Master Nate

Terry 2010   I Phone 210 resized 600Caliente

Sheering Master Steve!                                                                      Sheering Assistant Justin!