Not everyone who gambles does so because they are addicted. Gambling is a form of entertainment for many people. It can be fun to place bets on sporting events or go to the casino. And yes, it’s true that some people have an addiction or problem with gambling and need help. But it isn’t always the case.

There are various forms of gambling that are enjoyable, like betting on sports games or playing poker with friends over a beer. Those aren’t considered problematic because they don’t have the same addictive qualities as slot machines do.

What is a Healthy Relationship with Gambling?

A healthy relationship with gambling means that you can gamble without it becoming a problem. For example, if all you do is play the occasional game of lotto or buy a few scratch cards, then that’s considered to be a healthy relationship.

When does Gambling turns into Addiction?

Gambling becomes an addiction when it starts to negatively impact your life and interfere with your obligations. Consider this: spending too much on gambling may lead you to steal from others or lie about how much money you have spent in order to cover up your debt. You may also neglect responsibilities because of gambling, such as not going to work or taking care of children.