How much do you know about Atlantic City? Apart from the fact that it is called ‘Little Las Vegas’? While Atlantic City attracts loads of punters each year, this has not always been the case. The city has a rich history that some locals might not even be aware of.

If you enjoy learning more about history, casinos and Atlantic City, you’ve come to the perfect place. We’ve done some research and found some incredibly interesting facts about the history of Atlantic City.

Betting from Bed

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, staying at any of the casino resorts located in Atlantic City will allow you to gamble while in your hotel room. Simply wager using the TV in your room!

The Home of Miss America

Atlantic City had to pull out all the stops to attract tourists back in the day. That was exactly why the first Miss America pageant was hosted here in 1920. Needless to say, the pageant was a raging success.

Home of the First US Boardwalk

Yes, the very first boardwalk was built in Atlantic City. The construction was the brainchild of a hotelier and a train conductor to prevent so much beach sand from ending up in hotels and train carriages.

First Casino Opened in 1978

You would think that ‘Little Las Vegas’ were home to loads of casinos much longer, but in fact, the first casino only opened in 1978. This was done yet again to attract more tourists and visitors to the coastal city.

Playground to the Stars

Back in the day, Atlantic City used to be quite the destination for celebrities to relax and unwind. Some of the famous names who visited the city frequently include the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, and Joe DiMaggio.

View Sinatra’s Used Towel

One of the craziest things about Atlantic City is probably the fact that you can view a hand towel used by Frank Sinatra during his final performance in Atlantic City. Grab a sub at the White House Sub Shop to see it for yourself!

Home of the First Big Wheel

And finally, Atlantic City is also known as the birthplace of amusement parks. The very first Big Wheel was built here back in 1872 by Isaac N. Forrester. This was followed by the first carousel built by Gustave Dentzel in 1876. We’re pretty sure you’ll never look at the bright lights and casino resorts of Atlantic City the same way. Be sure to book your accommodation at one of the city’s most popular casino resorts when you plan a trip!