Gambling is a social activity, so it’s important to know the etiquette before you start playing. For instance, do you want to be sociable or are you in it to win? If you’re looking to get lucky and make some new friends, don’t knock on the table or tap your fingers anxiously; this will make people think that you’re impatient for them to pay up.

Try to Keep it to Yourself

If you’re not interested in being friendly, then there should be no contact at all. No points awarded for tapping an opponent on the shoulder after they lose.

Players should stay focused on the game, especially when it comes to cards. Don’t look at another player’s hand while they’re playing – this can give away what they have! Talking is acceptable as long as it doesn’t interrupt other players’ turns.

Know the Tell-Tale Signs

If someone tells you that they’ve won a large sum of money and asks if you’d like to play with them– this is called “marking” and it’s considered unprofessional in casinos.