Hitting the jackpot and taking a trip around the world with the prize is a dream of many. Admittedly, gambling has its appeal and money is a little looser on vacation. Throwing a few coins into the one-armed bandit or putting a chip on the lucky number in roulette are all part of a visit to the casino on holiday.

If then the huge and luxurious hotels in the famous gambling paradises of the world are lined, everyone feels under the spell of gambling while traveling drawn.

Anyone who has ever vacationed in the gambling metropolis of Las Vegas knows that the way from the casino to the hotel room is short. There are free drinks, around the slot machines and tables are restaurants, bars and clubs. You can also play games of chance online while on vacation.

Top gambling destinations worldwide

Gambling tourism is booming and there are now many destinations with state casinos. They attract adventurous holidaymakers with glitz, glamor and gambling.

Some of the popular gambling paradises

Las Vegas

It is the gambling city par excellence. The desert city in the US state of Nevada is not called Sin City for a reason. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. On the Las Vegas Strip and downtown, casinos line up with attractions such as the fountains at the Bellagio or the volcanic eruption at the Mirage. There are shows, bars, clubs and lots of entertainment, as well as numerous wedding chapels. Las Vegas is a popular city break destination for gamblers and for those looking to get married.


The “biggest small city in the world” is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Reno is known as “Little Vegas” for its gambling and the many nearby ski resorts. In addition to holidaymakers from all over the world, people from San Francisco or Sacramento in particular come to Reno to gamble. In addition to the many casinos, the US city is known for the vintage car museum. It is know for the Burning Man Festival and the nearby holiday resorts for swimming and hiking fun in summer and skiing in winter.

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Atlantic City

Atlantic City is in the US state of New Jersey. Although the east coast city is less crowded than Las Vegas, you’ll find huge casinos here, many with oceanfront locations. If you are planning a CITY TRIP TO NEW YORK, a detour to Atlantic City is a good choice. The gambling destination is about two hours from New York City. In addition to casinos and the sea, offers many opportunities for shopping, entertainment and a chic marina.